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Multimode Digital Voice Repeater
GB7JM was first licensed on 14th
October 2016, and pressed into service shortly after.

The repeater system comprises:-
2 x Tait T800 RF Modules, TX running at 10Watts. MMDVM Modem is the STM32DV
Raspberry PI computer running MMDVM under Pi-Star Antenna is a Diamond X50 (later to be upgraded).
Duplexer supplied by J-Nuoda from China. Network Brandmeister (Ireland Server)
Photographs of complete system
GB7JM Front view
GB7JM Nextion display (D-Star active)
GB7JM complete internal view
GB7JM STM32DV modem attached to Raspberry Pi3
Tait T800 series TX Module
TAIT T800 series RX Module
GB7JM Duplexer
The repeater is setup as follows.

TX = 430.8875mhz (users rx frequency)
RX= 438.4875mhz (users tx frequency)
DMR Colour code 3.
Time slot 1 not linked TG9 local only
Time slot 2 linked to UK reflectors.
Time slot 2 Linked to TG91 plus user activated talk groups.

D-Star follow usual d-star configuration.
Fusion not activated (contact me if required)
GB7JM Is dedicated to my best friend Jakey Matthews, I miss him dearly,
he was a loyal, loving beautiful soul. Jake I will never forget you, I will always love you.
GB7JM PSU and Duplexer