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Eagle Radio Group Calendar 2018

Jan 10th:    Natter night "2018 the year ahead"

Feb 13th:     Analogue/Digital Technology

Mar 13th:    John Dunthorne - Gemini - Prelude to Apollo

April 10th:   Quiz Night - Trevor 2E0JSJ  

May 8th:      Natter Night

June 12th:  John Dunthorne "Jemini  - "Prelude to Apollo"

July 10th:   Dave Strart : Archaeology Talk   

Aug  14th:   Natter Night

Sept 11th:   Keith Hanson - "London Tower and the Beefeaters"   

October 9th:  Charles G0CBM - "Project Build Night"

Oct 11th:     Sue Cadman "Roly Polys" (this is a family event)

Nov 13th:    Roy Palmer  Town Cryer.

Dec 13th:     Christmas Dinner, YUM YUM