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Eagle Radio Group Calendar 2020

Jan 10th:    Natter night "2020 the year ahead"

                                         Feb 11th: Peter Rea, “Space shuttle, Origins and concepts”


                                  Mar 10th: John Dunthorne - “Challenges of a manned mission to Mars”

                                    April 14th: Alan M0AQC “that’s me”, I shall be talking about my

journey into ATV via Es’Hailsat satellite.  

                                               May 12th: Andy Gilfilian, “Global Warming”

June 9th:  Trevor 2E0JSJ

July 14th: Charlie G0CBM Construction Night   

Aug  11th:  Quiz Night

Sept 8th: Natter Night   

October 13th:  Steve Tandy, Air Ambulance/Rescue.

Nov 10th: Natter Night

Dec :     Christmas Dinner, YUM YUM